Tying-the-Knot Tuesday - Wedding Woes

My wedding is in a little under 2 months, and it seems like things are coming apart a bit rather than coming together.

My mother, who has been set to be our officiant since, essentially,  day one is getting cold feet, and is not sure if she would be comfortable officiating. She is afraid she will ruin the wedding, and that it would not be as meaningful as we want it to be. I know where she is coming from, but it puts a big wrench into our plans. Not only because we would be looking for an officiant a month and a half before the wedding, but also because I loved the idea of her being the one to perform the ceremony. To me it seemed the ultimate "giving me away". I also want her to be happy and comfortable too, though. This really sucks.

On top of that my dress still does not fit. I know I have some time still, but I am really scared it is just never going to fit. I am going on Friday to buy a back up dress, just in case, but the color I bought my dress in has been retired, so I have to go with a totally different color. And I am not sure if I like the new color as much. More pressure to get into the other dress. I did join a gym and started working out like a fiend, and have taken off three pound in the last two weeks. I am just not sure how much it will add up to in the areas I need to lose inches. Argh!!

On the bright side we are getting RSVPs back. We got to reserve our venue for the Friday before it as well, and that will make things so much easier and less hectic. My school is done, so I am all wedding all the time now. My bridal shower is this Saturday, so I will hopefully have pictures of that soon.

I know things will come together in the end, no matter how stressful things are right this moment. I just need to breathe and let things play out as they will.


Rue said…
Keep breathing and know that you and your fiance are all that is needed for a perfect day. It will work out!
Anonymous said…
The last couple of months of wedding planning are rough. I think it's pretty normal. Just remember that you still have 2 months and it'll work out, it always does because you just end up working with what you've got!

That said, fingers crossed on the dress and officiant. Wishing you lots of luck!
Queenie Believe said…
Take and deep breath... let it out :o) Don't, I repeat DON'T beat yourself up about the dress. Think of it as the opportunity for the next better dress. Yes perhaps in a different color but maybe there is a beautiful dress out there that is even more perfect. I'm sorry about your Mom but now that you are out of school your full focus is on the wedding you will be surprised at how much will get done when your focus is allow to be on the wedding only.
Take very good care, my thoughts are with you.
Have a better day.
Always, Queenie
AlphaBetsy said…
Thank you for the comments. I am really hoping the dress thing will work out for the best. An update on my mom, after thinking about it all night and most of the day she told me that she does want to do the ceremony. She was panicking because she wants the wedding to be special for us and she doesn't want to mess it up. I explained that it would be more special to me if she did it, so she is back in. And I don't feel near as panicky myself.

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