Feeling Friday

Today has been a good day.
My new function at work is fun and challenging.
After work I picked up my new KitchenAid mixer.
When I got home tonight I had a letter waiting from my lovely penpal in the UK Hannah. And accompanying the letter were some sweets, and an adorable tiny elephant candle.
I made grilled cheese to go with my soup for dinner tonight and it was delicious.
I did a mini spell that my brother and sister-in-law and their family get approved for the wonderful new house they applied for, so they can get settled before Christmas. Especially since it is the first one for our tiny nephew Gideon.
I am snuggling with my cat and my dog, while watching the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Philadelphia Flyers.
Gideon with his Grandma (Seth's mom)
My new toy.

He's so little, heehee.

I am feeling more like myself again. It was a little rough there in September and October. But things have been really good recently. Tomorrow I am a volunteer for Columbus' Craftin' Outlaws, after which we will be having Thanksgiving with one half of Seth's family. We will be doing a four mile walk/run on Thanksgiving morning. I should graduate in the first part of December with my associate's degree, and then I will start planning for moving on to my bachelor's. We are getting set to rearrange the house to make room for Yule trees. :) Then we are cleaning the carpets to have everything nice and fresh for holiday gatherings. I have the whole week of Christmas off this year. I am planning a ridiculous amount of baking. I am working on my goals for the next year. I am looking for a place to take group fitness classes. I feel motivated and great. Here's to more of that.
Recent favorite things:
Arabian Sandalwood oil from Violet Flame Gifts
Brother's Drake Meadery Sour Paw-Paw Mead
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in Black Cat Espresso
Chicken and Waffles from Taste of Belgium in the North Market
More soon.


Ila East said…
I'm glad your doing better.

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