Halloween slightly late

This has been an odd year for me. While normally my house would be ridiculously awash with Halloween bits and bobs, this year I have not put up a single decoration, not one. I bought a couple of new things, and they are sitting in bags unused. I guess every once in a while it is okay to have an off year.
So for my celebration this year I am going to show pictures from a Halloween Party I attended this past weekend, and what I received and sent from the Craftster WWP Samhain swap.

Our hosts the moon and sun

Jen the Moon

A close-up of the moon paint

Chris the Sun

The moon and the pussycat

Me as a flapper

A close-up of 1920's me

My hubby ala duck dynasty

More of my hubby

A couple of force users

The captain...trekking

Kim as Ula

And as for the two swap packages
I sent my partner
The whole kit and kaboodle...
Sea salt, a crystal, and candleholders

A candle snuffer, candles, etc.

A mini book

A cornucopia, fall butterflies, etc
Pages for my partner's book of shadows

A Samhain pumpkin
I received...
A spell page for my BOS

A fun stamp

An eye pendant

A felted star.

A framed dia de los muertos piece

Clothes pin runes

A painting of Freya
Also by luck today I got a special package in the mail. I won a giveaway from Rue and Hyssop and received my package today!

Beautifully wrapped and including a post card from afancifultwist. :)

A mice message from Jen.

The ribbon is covered with black kitties!

And my wonderful prize, a signed copy of Jacki Smith's book, Coventry Magic. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Earth Warrior's Festival this year, and she is lovely. I feel so honored to have won a copy of her book.  Thank you, Jen!


Ms Misantropia said…
Such wonderful gifts!

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