Egg-citing and Egg-ceptional!

This past Saturday the 21st was our annual Egg Decorating Party. We enjoyed a couple of new participants including my niece Sadie and my nephew Gideon (he didn't actually decorate, but he was awful cute), as well as my friend Megan and her daughter River. Many eggs were decorated, many children were painted, and a lot of fun was had.
Me rocking my bunny ears. They didn't last long. :)

Mom and Shmoo

Egg Tree!

Brownies and Banana Pudding. Yum!

Chip, Dips, Popcorn and Ham Ball.

The paints were in this hanging color order of course.

Even the Mixer was decorated.

The first couple eggs.

Seth is not amused.

My aunt Gayle having fun painting eggs.

The nieces have arrived.

The adorable Gideon.

Moira cheesing it up for the camera.

Sadie concentrating on her painting.

Chris and Giddy-munk

Mom and Zoe

Niki watching me paint.

Mom and Zoe again.

Moira is painting.

Cliff talking to mom.

Cliff surveying the table...where to stop.


Uncle Seth and Gideon.

Samhain is also not amused.


Cliff hard at work.

Gayle hard at work.

Juliana, Megan and little River.

Gayle made a bunny egg!

Cliff's pickle egg.

Cliff's Girrafe egg (a request from Sadie. )

All these eggs.

The kids opening eggs.

More adorable eggs.

Everyone hard at work.

Sadie has painted her face.
We added several new eggs to the permanent collection and had an amazing time.
Happy Spring!!


Ila East said…
Where there hard boiled? You mentioned permanent eggs, what kind were they?
AlphaBetsy said…
We had about 7 dozen hard boiled eggs. But the permanent eggs are wood, cardboard, plastic or foam, oh, and occasionally egg shells that have been blown and cleaned.

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