March comes in like a lion...

It's March! And I was sick for the first 3 days. Hopefully that means that I got it out of my system before my birthday next week. I always seem to get sick around my birthday.

March is always a crazy month for us, and this year is certainly no exception.

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with my mom and sister, and the three of us are making a whole foods trip. On Saturday we are headed to the Columbus Convention Center to hit the Arnold Fitness Expo. It is amazing for people watching. I hope to get better photos this year than I did last.

March 14 is my birthday and Mega Pi Day, so Mom, Traci, Seth and I are walking the Pi-Day 5k. Then later in the night we will be going to my new favorite Italian restaurant, The Florentine. They have amazing food.

Our amazing Egg Decorating Party for 2015 is scheduled for the 21st. I am hoping that it will be fun and that we will have a good turn out. I have been looking for new ideas for eggs for this year, and I have some ideas.

Earth Warriors Festival Spring Bash, and my friend Heather's 40th birthday party is on the 28th, so we will be headed to Newark for the night. Kellianna will be performing, and there will be belly dancers. It should be a great night.

Seth's birthday is on the 30th and we took the week of his birthday off. We are going to go to Seth's Grandma's for a couple of days while we are off. We are going to go through old pictures with her and just have a really nice quiet visit I hope.


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