Things the Vampire Said - A Dream Recollection

       Several years ago I had a very vivid dream. In the dream I was the daytime face of a vampire. I would take care of his business that was not possible to handle at night, and set up appointments for him, etc. The feeling of the dream was that I had been in his employment for many years, so when he came to me to tell me that we had to move to Pittsburgh it was just a given that I would move my family to continue my employment. 
      I was incredibly reluctant to tell my husband that we were going to have to sell the house, and relocate, so I just kept putting it off. Every time I would begin the conversation something would happen, or it would seem like the wrong time. 
      Suddenly it was about a week before we were going to be making the official move, and the vampire confronts me to see whether I had let my husband know what was happening, and gotten our house sold, etc. I admit that no, I haven't. The vampire looked me straight in the eye at that point and said, "You're resistant to change." 
       I almost immediately awoke and I was laughing so hard that I woke my husband up. I told him about my dream, and after he got a good laugh he said "Boy, you're subconscious isn't subtle at all, is it? It just slaps you across the face." And wasn't he right? 
       This dream has stuck with me, and any time I am going through a change, or am trying to change, I will joke about what the vampire said. Or my family will laughingly tell me that I am resistant to change. It has become a vital part of the discussion regarding me, and change. 
       So this morning while I was getting ready I was listening to a Molly Roberts You tube video about Grimoires. In this video she gives ideas for possible inclusions in your grimoire, and she mentioned  illustrating, or using imagery from a dream. Immediately my mind went to the vampire dream. And I began thinking about making a page for in, etc. 
       Fast forward and I am at work. My coworker, Melanie, comes in an sits something on my desk. It is an action figure of Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A vampire! I started laughing. He is obviously now going to be the physical manifestation telling me that the time for change is here, and to stop resisting. 
       This is honestly a much needed message in my life right now, as I am actively seeking a new job, and recent events have made that search more immediately necessary. I am working on my resume, my linkedin, and applying like a mad woman. I am also planning to do a job seeking rite this weekend. I wonder how I can work my new vampire friend into that? 
       Sometimes the universe whispers and sometimes it smacks you across the face. I can take a hint, universe, I can take a hint. 

My new friend, Angel. 


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