Magickal Monday - New Moon Magic

Magical Monday

      The past week was challenging and this week is also going to be challenging. Because of this I am going to use the Listen to Your Intuition Spread from 

1. What is my inner voice trying to tell me about this situation? 10 of Wands - Oppression. Having a burden to bear, but being able to handle it. Overwhelming stress. 

2. Why is my inner voice telling me this? 0 The Fool - The beginning of a journey. New beginnings. A fresh start. A decision regarding your career will be made soon. 

3. How can I put this suggestion into action? V The Heirophant - Divine Inspiration. Big Business. Listen to advice, or to a mentor. Listen to your higher self, act in your own self-interest. 


      This week is the last for several of my coworkers, the result of a layoff from several months ago. Then today another couple of people in an adjoining area were also RIF-ed. So now, a situation that was stressful, has become horrific. I have also learned that there is a possibility that my function may be moving to another location, which makes my employment status seem rockier than ever. I have been applying for jobs all over, and then yesterday on the full moon I did a job spell. 

      I tried something new this time, by creating a "spell page" in my Grimoire. I used words and definitions pulled from an old dictionary. Then painted a bit, and then drew some images on top. I activated the page, and I really like the result. 



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