Magickal Monday - Let's take it back a step

Magickal Monday

          I have decided to back up a little to simplify my Magickal Monday posts. I am going to take it back to a simple spread using whichever deck takes my fancy that day. I may change up spreads depending on my mood as well. Then I will share what is going on with me magickally and anything I found in the past week that makes me happy. Sound good? I hope so, because I am doing it. So, here we go... 

Weekly Spread
3 Card - Head, Heart, Spirit

Head - 7 of Cups: Using your imagination. Daydreaming. Living in fantasies. Take warning though, not to get lost in your own world. Don't just think, Act! 

Heart - 0 The Fool: The beginning of an adventure. Potential. Taking a chance. Risk. Abandon fear and grab life by the horns. 

Spirit - X Wheel of Fortune: Fortune. Chance. Unplanned events. Fate, Destiny. Good Luck. Reaching a turning point. 

Well, that is a pretty promising outlook for the week. I will think upon this and move forward. There is a lot here about creativity and about taking a chance, maybe it is time to get some things started. 

Magickal Monday: Reflections, Thoughts and Ephemera

      This week found me introduced to a new witchy youtuber, Molly Roberts of Her Speak . She has an amazing style, and I am kind of in love with her right this moment. <3 about="" absolutely="" also="" an="" are="" art="" be="" being="" bought="" but="" check="" ebook="" has="" haven="" her="" i="" if="" it="" nbsp="" out.="" p="" she="" should="" soon.="" t="" unfamiliar="" will="" witch="" with="" yet="" you="">

      Yesterday I headed to Newark, my hometown, to the shop of my lovely friend, Heather, to take a class on spinning with a drop spindle. Violet Flame Gifts  is a lovely in home metaphysical shop that Heather started many years ago. Heather is also the Tribe Mother of the Earth Warriors Festival. I went down early to shop before class started. I bought Storm Faerywolf's new book Betwixt and Between, a beautiful piece of Apatite, A Dorothy Morrison Wishin' Mojo candle, some of Heather's soap, lavender oil, and a couple of charm candles. 

       I got a couple of lovely drop spindles for taking the class, as well as a bag of roving to get me started. I would love to be able to pick this up for both magickal working and for Viking reenactments. I did okay, but I am going to keep working at it. It is certainly fun to do, if a little frustrating. 

      I have recently begun a new business venture, I am selling adult toys for a company called Sweet Toy Delights. I am not going to post a lot about that here, but if you are interested or curious you can check out my shop

I hope you have an amazing week. 




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