Do what you love and love what you do.

I have a dilemma. Currently I am enrolled in a community college as a Paralegal Studies major. I chose this major because there are numerous job openings for paralegals and the idea of the work seemed interesting. The first quarter I couldn't get into any of my major courses so I took my first required math and English classes. Right away I began to remember how much I love English, and love to read and write. I ended up passing my English class with a high A and had the teacher ask to use two of my essays as teaching aides.
So now I am into my second quarter and I took my second required English class and Intro to Paralegal. What I am finding, though, is that being a paralegal is not what I thought it was, and I'm not sure it's what I would like to do. My English class though is amazing again and I love it. I just got my first paper back and I got a 100% on it.
So, my dilemma is... do I just muscle on through Paralegal because it's what I have started. Or... do I switch to general education and then transfer to another school for an English major of some sort. Paralegal is the most logical choice as a career, but for the sake of happiness and loving my work English has it. I have a decision to make, and I need to make it before Spring quarter.


Anonymous said…
A tough choice. I was a paralegal for 9 years before I quit to stay home with my son. Good money, but lawyers are assholes.

On the other hand, there's not much to do with an English degree but teach. So if you're into teaching that may be an awesome choice for you.
The Blue Faerie said…
Graduating with a language major is tough work. Take it from a Spanish major. If I were to go back to college, I would have done Spanish and something more concrete, like business. If you go the English major way, just know that early networking is the key to getting a job afterward. Workstudy jobs, volunteering, starting or joining organizations. All these are what helped me get a job after college. Had I not gotten out there early, I'd be struggling to find work now.

It's great that you've found something you really love. As to what to choose, I would say to choose the path that makes doing what you love affordable and fun. :)
AlphaBetsy said…
I think I have made a decision to stay in the paralegal program. I will still be able to do the things I love on the side and actually be able to afford to do them. And that seems worth it to me. Buckling down now and working on that associates degree.
Anonymous said…
The good thing about it is there are all kinds of law you can focus on. Real Estate happened to be my favorite and I actually enjoyed going to work when I specialized in that (not many people can say they enjoy going to work, unfortunately). Civil litigation was my least favorite. Wills and Estates was ok, Criminal Defense just pissed me off. You'll find your niche.
Wulf said…
It looks like you went to school to get a job, and found that what you really was wanted to go to school to learn! You should be able to do both: get the degree in paralegal but use the situation to get as education as you can!
Róisín said…
I'm always a little confused by the way your college system works in the States, with all the majors and whatnot but anyway... I studied English and Politics for my degree and I have to say, I loved every single minute of it. Then I graduated!!! Don't even bother if you want to get a job, is all I say.

I've since done two masters degrees, the most recent being in journalism because I foolishly decided to follow my heart and do what I'd always wanted. I picked a course that had, up until that point, a 100% employment record in the national press following graduation. It was a really tough programme to get into for that very reason. I finished up almost two years ago and do you know how many of the thriteen of us in the class now work in journalism? Two. I'm not really sure what my point is here, except sometimes you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. I followed my heart and it's yet to get me anywhere, but at the same time I was also quite pragmatic about it and that still didn't get me anywhere. Excepy thousands of pounds in debt. That's the way the world is these days I suppose!

The best of luck in your studies my dear and try not to worry about it till you have to!

Roisin x
~*Rhi*~ said…
Really tough. I became a nurse, because I had always been in the medical field & there was good money in it. I am a very good nurse, but it isn't my love. Unfortunately, the things I love to do don't offer the same financial rewards. I now call nursing my "golden cage", but I have arranged a schedule that offers me time to pursue my loved activities. But...I still dream of leaving nursing & following my bliss.
Anonymous said…
You should be able to double degree. I would check into that asap. I would get an associates in education and as a paralegal, that way you can continue if you wish at a university. Oh, and most two year colleges have "tie" in colleges for education. You get your bachelors from a 4 year, but remain learning at the 2 year school. I'm a non traditional student too, and I wish I never had to relocate. It screwed up all my plans. Now, I am stuck with a basic Administrative Office degree. I was originally taking Art as a Major, and Education as the Minor. I'm a devout believer of follow your heart when it comes to career choices, because if you end up hating what you settle end up wasting the money and time invested.

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