I'm alive... really...

I know it has been a couple of days since I have posted anything. I was sick last week and then had complications from my antibiotic that made life generally unpleasant. I am much better now. Thankfully.

I have also been working on my latest project for English, which is that we had to create a "class" and will be making a power point presentation to convince people to take the class and give the basics of the theme. And what did I make my class theme? The title is Fishnets and Full-Contact and my class pitch was...Take a colorful romp into the resurgence of women's roller derby, and the amazing effect it has had on the feminist movement and the way women are viewed as athletes. How much fun is that!! I am having the best time getting my sources together.

This weekend is going to be insane. Friday night we are going with Seth's parents to a hockey game, the Columbus Blue Jackets vs the Colorado Avalanche. After that we are meeting my mom and sister to head to Wall St. Night Club for a burlesque show.

Then on Saturday we are going to Taj Mahal restaurant for Indian food, followed by seeing Cirque du Soliel Dralion. 

If you were keeping tally that means I will be getting a minimum of three items off the 30 by 30 list this weekend. :) More to come, including the crafts that I made for the Tim Burton and Alice in Craftster-land swaps. 


Incipient Wings said…
hi..glad youre feeling better and getting on with fun stuff.
Ghoulina Bones said…
I love your powerpoint idea!
I wrote a Social Psychology paper about roller derby last year.

I too am going to see Cirque Du Soleil here in April!
Let me know how the show went!
Magaly Guerrero said…
I hope you are feeling better.
And I'm sure every reader understands being sick; we've all been there. Good luck with your English project. I hope you can hook them beyond escape.

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