March is over...

Where the hell does the time go? Sheesh.

School started back up this week and I am getting back into the swing of a new schedule and going back to work after a week off. Craziness.

I have all kinds of craft projects going right now. I am working on my roller derby and labyrinth craftster swaps, and the art journal with Aradia's Cauldron. Plus just stuff for myself. :) Having my craft room all semi- set up and mostly functional is amazing. I love my little space. I have this amazing fabric that I am going to make valances out of to hang in there, and I have some grand painting plans to make it my own little girly sanctuary.

This weekend I went to go to my first Ohio Rollergirls bout of the season. They were playing Hard Knox Roller Girls out of Knoxville TN. Our girls won both bouts in the double header. Gang Green beat their B team the Brawlers 152-96 and the OHRG All stars beat their A team 207-105. They were great bouts, super exciting. Hard Knox had some amazing players: Sushi Roll, Goblynn & Drop Dead Gorgeous were all amazing. I was really excited this week to find out that the ORG are starting a Rec league here. I think next quarter I am going to work on setting up my classes so that I can join the rec league. I can't travel as much as you need to for the actual league, but the Rec league I can do.

This weekend we are going to a sew and sew for the Ashville Viking Festival. With our weight loss Seth's tunic is a little big, so we are going to work on sewing him a new one. I may also work on making some women's viking style garb. :) All in preparation for the festival at the end of the month.


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