Halloween Party 2010!!! - For Really This Time.

Who is this? Lurking above our chamber door? A raven? 

"Evermore" croaks he. He has claimed his spot and refuses to leave. I am rather fond of him anyway, so as far as I'm concerned he can stay. 
Of Course I keep a broom beside my doorway. Bristles up for protection, like a good witch

I must admit that you are a little early for the party. I am still trying to get ready, but you can come inside and look around. 

Black vines and fairy lights decorate the banister. 

The sun shooting into the chandelier makes a creepy sight, especially with Halloween Buntings in Black and White. 
Glitter skulls and spiderweb candle holders sparkle from the mantle. 

Herbs, flowers and brooms hanging on the wall waiting for me to use them. 

Silver skulls surround a batty candelabra in the center of the table. 

Am I ready for the party? Well I have on my stripy Halloween socks. 

And my witchy clothes. Is a derby a witch hat? Well it is if a witch is wearing it. :) 

And a visit from Samhain the ghost cat coming through for a visit. 
Thank you for coming to see my party. Hopefully next year I can do more and bigger, but I had a lot of fun. please enjoy the other party members at A fanciful Twist where the lovely Vanessa has made another amazing blog. 
Happy Halloween and keep coming back this month for more fun. 


Anonymous said…
Oh, it's all so pretty! I love the ghost cat. :)
My party is still going on at: http://www.paperpilekitten.com/2010/10/a-magic-halloween-party-enter-at-your-own-risk.html
D.Suplicki said…
Your house is beautiful in its Halloween finery! I love it all so far. And the ghost cat is adorably spooky! <3
Róisín said…
Great party! I especially adore that last picture of the cat- brilliant!
Jingle said…
FABULOUS! Thanks for the great party!
Wendy said…
I love Samhain the ghost and your house is so beautiful!
Sophia said…
Aha! MORE striped socks for the Ice Queen! :) I finally made it through the front door after pushing my way through the black crows surrounding your humble abode. I've brought a few guests from my Manor - hope you do not mind.

Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.
Enchanted life, enchanted home!! I love it! Thank you so much for being a part of the magic!!♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}
Shell said…
Your home had a true witchy flair. Ah, you look cute in your derby hat.
Jo said…
Thanks for giving us a peak into your lovely home! Hope you'll drop by, Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!
I am so jealous. I realized as I checked out your decor- I lost all mine in the divorce, even my crow in a cage :(....
I love your socks. and your derby.
I was laughing because if I dress up as a witch for halloween, is it really dressing up?
Kari Desi said…
I didn't get to all the parties yesterday, so I'm catching some I missed! Love your post, beautiful images! Love your cat too, I have a black cat as well. Happy Halloween!!
Came by too early yesterday, glad I stopped back...

This is sooooo much fun!!!
Love your blog, PICs & your creations.
Please fly by for my giveaways too...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:
Annabelle said…
A Spooky old home...and a Spooky ghost cat, creating a most wonderful and purrrfectly haunting atmosphere ! Thanks for the invite and party. Really enjoyed your post.

Happy Halloween !
Grab your broom and fly on over to THE WOOD BEYOND THE WORLD
( http://thewoodbeyondtheworld.blogspot.com/) for your chance to win three of my original art prints…only comment required.
•*´¨*.•*´¨*~^..^~*Annabelle.•*´¨*.•* *
Oh lovely tour and great shoes ;)

When you have the opportunity please come over for a visit!
Oh what a fabulous party! Loved your stripey socks and shoes! :) Thank you most kindly for coming to visit with me and Keats. I'm most happy you did. Theresa
Scrap Vamp said…
I had so much fun here! Thank you for inviting me to your party! I love your decorations! I hope you'll visit me, too!

Aurelia said…
Happy Halloween Blog Party!

You have some really lovely decorations there and I love the socks! :D

This has been my first ever blog party but I've had so much fun with it :)

Laume said…
I love your little wall of brooms and herbs. I hope you keep that up year round.
What a very fun party you had!

Please visit my Midnight Carnival, if you would like:

Wishing you a Happy Week!

Rue said…
Love the party decorations! Your ghost cat looks like my Dexter - cute!

PS - Congratulations! You won my pendulum giveaway! Please send your mailing address to me at rueandhyssop (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get that right out to you!
D.Suplicki said…
If we lived closer to each other I'd say we could go audition for Rocky Horror together. I've always wanted to play Magenta! ;)
Susan said…
You did fine, and I am also hoping to do better next year...I think most of my issue was not being able to get to the stores. (I am disabled and rely on the hubby or the son to either drive me (If I've taken my Vicodin) or to let me use their vehicle)

I liked what you did, especially the mantle and the herb stick, and your kitty!

Thank you:)


come visit, there is still til tomorrow night ( friday) for my giveaway..scroll through 2 posts then you'll see my post-party post, main party post(giveaway) and pre-party post)

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