My weekend, redeeming 2012 a bit.

Things are feeling a little better around here now. I got my car back from the shop this week and she is good as new, though they had to remove some of my in car decorations in order to fix things, so I will have to do some fixing. I had a very successful night of wedding crafting on Friday, which I will post more about on Tuesday. On Saturday Seth and I went to lunch at Dirty Frank's again, and had some amazing hot dogs. This time I got their tofurkey dogs, instead of the all beef, and they were really good. This is what my yummy lunch looked like. 

Their food is seriously yummy. The dogs are called (starting with the left) Puff the Magic Popper, Chicago and Beano, lol. After lunch we ran to the big downtown branch of the Columbus Metro Library. They had an amazing selection of audio books, so I grabbed a bunch to listen to at work. I also grabbed a couple of new print books. Makes me happy. And at the Library gift shop I bought myself a pair of adorable earrings that will benefit the library, which is awesome. They are bits of pencil. I love them. 

And today we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and set up our very first Wedding Registry. We had so much fun. We found a set of dishes that we absolutely love, so I hope we get them. I also love the flatware we picked. I am so excited!! We are probably going to register for some things at Kohl's as well and then we will be set. 

I thought I would also give an update on how my goals are going so far. A lot of these are works in progress, and won't be complete for a little while still. I think I can make all of them though, so I am keeping on. 

1) fly a kite (yep it's still here)
2) get a massage
3) reach one-derland
4) scrapbook 2011
5) get piercings
6) assemble bouquet
6b) bouquet for Shmoo, and boutonnieres/corsages
7) take fitness class - I have bought a class pass through groupon, I just have to get it set up. 
8) go to gallery hop
9) Hold at least 3 craft nights for wedding. 1 2 3
10) Find fabric for men's weddings vests
11) make/order wedding invitations
12) Eat at 5 restaurants I have never tried 1 2 3 4 5
13) Get addresses for invitations
14) Make out invitations
15) Plan birthday shopping trip weekend to Indianapolis with Mom and Shmoo
16) Find fabric for wedding jacket
17) Meet with school to discuss change to semesters, major change, etc.
18) Start applying for scholarships
19) do something super fun for New Years
20) have awesome birthday dinner party
21) send out save the dates
22) figure out vows

I have to share that because of my goal lists my little sister is doing a 21 before 21 and has some amazing goals set for herself. 


Toriz said…
Glad you had such a great weekend; hope you can check some things off that list soon!

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