Mad Tea Party 2013 - and a giveaway

Welcome to my mad tea party. Normally I do an elaborate set up and take pictures, but this year I decided instead to move outside and to bring my nieces who are 4 and 1 over to play with me. 
We laid out a spread of lighter foods, because we were outside, and because it was so hot we actually did not drink any hot tea. Instead I made iced tea and lemonade for my party goers. 

Lots of fruit and veggies with hummus, chips and dip, and salsa. 

We did not drink tea, but this guy had to be out there to see because he will be a prize for one of you who attends the party. It is the full set of tea pot and two cups and saucers that were all hand painted by me. 

Mmm...looks yummy. 

Zoe was enjoying the outside time, and playing with the nieces.

Iced tea and lemonade, and a tray of lemon and sugar cookies. 

My niece, Moira, created her own "mad" outfit to wear to the party. 

Zoe kept an eye on Sadie as she toddled around


After we snacked I brought out a bucket of bubbles and bubble blowing commenced. 

It's hard to see them, but there were a lot of bubbles. 

As I said I will be giving away the hand painted tea set. 

If you would like to win, please leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random. 
Due to the fragility of the item and the size I am going to have to restrict this giveaway to only people living in the U.S. I will do another soon that can include everyone. 

Happy Mad Tea Party Day!!! 

Find our lovely hostess here!


Designing Fairy said…
love your sweet little nieces! thank you for inviting us to your party! What a lovely blog.

my party:
Anonymous said…
Awwww...the berries look delicious and are making my mouth water. The entire day - that's so cute. I love blowing bubbles with my 6 year old. He's quite adapt at it, too, has it down to a science in fact. Haha.

You don't have to include me in your giveaway, but I wanted to comment and say thanks for letting me share in your magical day. Drop by my tea party when you have a free moment. :)

~ Misha
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
I have enjoyed your wonderful tea Party!The food looks delish & your nieces look like they are enjoying it all!
Kathryn Costa said…
What a wonderful summer party. Great idea to invite the little ones, they add so much magic to the event.

Swing by my party post. I have some party favors for everyone and a chance to win a prize. I think you'll enjoy the music in my little video. Check it out.

Enjoy visiting all of the parties!
`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥

Kathryn - Collage Diva
Laura said…
what a lovely tea party! your nieces are so cute!
Nif Already said…
Oh what fun! The lovely food! The adorable kids!!! Loved my visit!
Jorgelina said…
what a wonderful Tea party !!
Deborah Adams said…
Thank you for hosting such a lovely tea and for inviting me! So delicious and delightful! :-)

~ Deb
Tami Von Zalez said…
You are blessed to spend time with such cute little ones!

Visiting from the Mad Tea Party.

Here is my post
Yummmm Yummmm yummmmmmm!!!

I want to be at your party! ;)

Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥
Marilyn said…
How fun to include the little ones into your play.
Cute Party! Loved the bubbles, and the little tea par-tiers, looked so cute! Thank You for having me. That tea set is adorable! Hope you get a chance to visit me too!
Dena Miller said…
Betsy, What a fabulous Tea Party....I do hope you will stop over and visit me too..and oh yes, I would absolutely love to be the recipient of your lovely Tea set♥
Anonymous said…
Iced tea makes perfect sense!! What a lovely family you have! Please visit me!
Mad Madam Mel said…
A fabulous party, thank you so much for inviting me :)
Lemonade and iced tea are just the thing on a hot day !!

I hope you will pop by and visit my party also:

Mad Madam Mel xx
Kristal said…
Your party turned out quite delightful indeed!! I wanted to host my outside, but just too stinking HOT ~ LOL!! And we had cherry limeade instead of tea also. Your nieces look like they had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for inviting me!

Lisa said…
thank you for a lovely tea party!! I love Moira's mad outfit!!
Emalina said…
What a fun tea party! The food looks amazing, thank you so much for having me, happy Mad Tea Party!

Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

I look forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!
Vanessa said…
How fun! I love the teapot and cups. :)momlovesdeals at gmail dot com
Jennifer said…
Awww sweet sweet sweet party! So much fun for the little ones.
What a fun tea party you had. It's been very hot here, as so hot indeed. Thank you for hosting and offering such a great giveaway!

I welcome you to come and visit my party...

Enjoy the festivities! Theresa
Danni said…
I don't know who's cuter, Zoe or your nieces! Your party made me squee with delight.

And honestly? If you've got nice weather at the moment, you may as well enjoy it! I'm jealous, here in my mudhole of a city. lol!
So sweet. I love how the children participated. It looks so relaxed and fun!!! Thank you for inviting us.
DogsMom said…
BUBBLES! My favorite party activity!
what a funny tea party..the tea set is beautiful,it is colorful..the food looks delicious..i want to eat..
the children are so cute..
Celia said…
Looks like you had a great time!!!

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