Fitness Fridays

To keep myself motivated and to share my own progress I am going to start doing Fitness Fridays. I am really trying to make myself get more active and eat better because my health is flagging. I am feeling tired all the time, getting sick at the drop of a hat, and just generally feeling gross, so it is time to make a change. I was doing so well for a while, and I have fallen off the wagon so hard it's ridiculous.

I am working on finding a balance between body love and being complacent. I want to love my body as it is, and how it is, but I also know that my weight does cause me issues and health problems. In some ways I have begun to feel guilty for wanting to make these changes. I know, though, that my reason for wanting the change comes completely from within and not from without. I'm sure that society has had some effect on my psyche, but I don't feel that giving up on body image completely will help my self esteem in the long run. I will not push my fitness agenda on anyone else, but I would like to share my stumbling, bumbling, embarrassing, euphoric journey.

On Pinterest I stumbled upon a challenge that was created by a blogger last year in February, but it looks awesome and I am going to take it on a full year later. Here's what that looks like:
I will post daily pictures on facebook, or google +, and then post the week on Fridays.
My idea for Fitness Fridays is talking about fun fitness, motivation, general health, ideas for keeping active, etc. No diet talk at all, I promise, just things to keep me going and moving. 


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