Looking Back... Looking Ahead

2013 was an interesting year; it was a mixed bag of good and bad. This year: My sister went off to the army; My mom moved to Columbus; We went tubing for the first time, Traci was medically dismissed and came home from the army; We had an Alcoholic dessert party for my birthday; I held the second egg decorating party; We did the glo run; I got two new ren faire bodices; We did the Komen; We went to the viking festival; We took free zumba classes at the columbus commons; A water pipe ruptured in our front yard leading to us getting a new pipe run and our whole front yard getting dug up; We went to comfest for the first time; The water issues led to us finding that our house was improperly grounded, only after Seth got zapped a couple times and we lost a couple appliances; We took Traci to the casino for her 22 birthday; Mom and I went to the Columbus Food Truck Festival; Mom and I went to the casino to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for free; We attended Ren Faire a couple of times; We went to the Dublin Irish Festival; We went to Violet Flame to see Sharon Knight perform; We went apple picking; We went to Vegas!! Where we did a lot and saw a lot; We are officially married for a year; We went to High Ball; We had one of our most epic Halloween parties; We helped a couple people move; I read a poem at an open mic night; I watched a lot of belly dance; I got all As and Bs; My friends Charlene and Rick got married; And I'm sure that there is so much more that I am missing, lol.

And how did I see in the new year? Like this...
Yep, wearing my jammies and a tiara while playing rock band.
I can't think of a better way to welcome 2014. I have a lot to look forward to this year. I start belly dance classes again on Jan 8 with Sacred Shimmy Belly Dance taking ATS. Spring Semester starts Jan 13, and I am taking Astronomy and Intro to Shakespeare. I should graduate with my Associates Degree after Summer quarter. I will be applying to schools to finish my degree(s) in the first couple months of the year and should be able to start in the fall. I am still setting my goals for the year. I know I want to walk/run at least six 5Ks, and get my next tattoos. 2014 is going to be great.
Happy New Year!! 


Queenie Believe said…
Happy New Year!
Here's to a really great year.
Always, Queenie

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