Fitness Friday - Using the Wii for Exercise

I have had a nintendo wii for several years now. We bought it when it first came out because it was fun to play at parties and with family. The poor wii has sat dormant for over a year because we just haven't been using it. For Christmas this year, though, my mom and sister bought me a wii fit. And now the wii is coming back to life.
A couple of weeks ago I picked up zumba fitness core for the wii. I have never had so much fun
playing a game. I love zumba anyway, and this is a fabulous way to have the fun of zumba in your living room. I am looking forward to the free zumba in the park again this year, but until then this game will tide me over.
I plan to buy a couple more of the zumba games because they are extremely fun.
I also got wii fit plus. And it is fun, but I had this horrible moment when my mii got really fat after I weighed myself for the set up. Ouch. Amusingly my wii fit age is 32 which is my exact age. Apparently, other than being obese I am mostly healthy according to nintendo.


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