The Walking Wounded

On Memorial Day, we had just finished a little cookout just my husband and I, when I went to shut the porch door ahead of our cat slipped on a slick spot on our porch and fell. During the fall I heard something in my left knee pop, and knew I was probably not coming out of this unscathed. I went to the doctor the next day and found out that I had sprained my knee, just a tear in my MCL. I have been given a massive brace and advised to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate).

In my convalescence I have learned that I am really shitty at resting. I just don't sit and do nothing well. It sounds like a dream, but when you are being forced to sit all you can think of is the active things you could be doing. Like I bought myself a hoop for dancing for $5 at a garage sale. I am so ready to go hiking. I want to roller skate in a bad way. My little sister got me a complete zumba kit from her store. So much to do, so cannot do it.

In spite of my temporary infirmity I have actually been really active. I went to a big community garage sale with my mom where I bought: my hoop, a big easel chalk board that has been painted metallic gold, a pair of great brown boots that had never been worn, a set of measuring cups and spoons, a jewelry organizer, an unopened package of sidewalk chalk, three pairs of earrings and a bracelet. All in all a great haul.

The next weekend, which was June the 14th, we did a 5k at a local dairy farm called the Cheddar Challenge. Our team name was the Lactose Intolerants. We had registered way in advance so we decided to go anyway, move as slow as necessary and just have fun. The path of the 5k took us all over the farm, and the rocky terrain was a little rough for my knee, but we had a great time.


Last weekend we walked for my company, Huntington Bank, in the Columbus Pride Parade. We had over 400 people walking for the bank, including our CEO. We have walked as allies for the past 4 years, and it is just an amazing experience.
Today we just got back from the Columbus Community Festival. It is this amazing festival with art, dancing, performances, hippies, great food and an aura of inclusiveness that is just fantastic. We had a fabulous conversation with a lovely woman who was selling native crafts. She admired my raven tattoo because she was of the Raven clan in the Cherokee nation. She said that Ravens are known to have amazing intuition and since I am drawn to Raven I probably have it too. Seth bought himself some hematite rings and I bought a beautiful ivory bone choker. She let me know that if I need any ritual supplies she can help, so I should keep her card. I told her I am actually looking for feathers to make a smudging wand. She said, do you want a wand or would you like a wing? I responded that I would love a wing, but haven't found one. She smiled, pulled out a plastic bag and said I knew I brought this for a reason. Then she pulled out a full turkey wing. I asked for a price and she said normally I would need to get $20 but for you $15. I was shocked that she priced it so low, so we said yes immediately and Seth gave her the full price for being amazing. The entire encounter was just like kismet how it worked. This is a picture of the wing and the lovely choker. She also invited us to a gathering. :)
We also bought some soap from our favorite soap company Elder Forest Soaps, as well as a couple more salves. I love them so much. They have so many great soaps, and they are of amazing quality. We always buy 6 or more bars when we see them, so we can use their soaps all the time.

We also bought a couple of incense sticks from a local vendor. He had sticks that can last 6 hours or more and we bought one to try in clove scent. He also had medium sticks that last 2-4 hours. We bought 5 of those in cedar, cinnamon, spicy vanilla and two in teaberry. Did you ever chew Clark's teaberry gum? I did and this incense smells just like it. It is amazing.
Tonight we tried an experiment that I found on Pinterest. Have you seen this post?
Well we tried it. The bubble mixture got incredibly bubbly, but the bubbles did not glow. We emptied 6 flow sticks in there and there was not even the hint of a glow, though we got pretty glowy. I am not giving up, but that was really disappointing. Sad.
I have so much coming up that it will be a whole new post. Happy summer nights to you.


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