What I am doing on my summer vacation...

I have some amazing upcoming events in the next couple of weeks/months that I am ridiculously excited about.

This weekend we went to our friend's house in West Chester to celebrate July fourth. We always have fun with them. I found some amazing stick on eye decorations and rocked them all day.
Awful car pic, but you can get the idea.
 Next Saturday we celebrate my sister's 23rd birthday. :) Happy birthday to Traci. We are going to a local bar and billiard club to play pool and celebrate.

Then the next weekend Seth and I are headed to Indiana to attend an event called Midway Mayhem. I got incredibly lucky by getting tickets from a girl who had bought her tickets early bird but was unable to attend. I was absolutely intending to attend anyway, but was so excited that this worked out. I will get a chance to take belly dance classes from some flippin' fantastic dancers including Moira Chappell who danced with the belly dance all stars. I was lucky enough to see her perform and she is amazing. I am elated to get a chance to do this though, and I am dragging my husband along to help me camp. :) Here are some of the gorgeous dancers I will get a chance to learn from.


One of my fav dancers, Laylia.

There is more coming in the next couple of months, but this is enough excitement for now.  Before I go though I have to share the amazing belly dance belt my mom made me.
Can you see the little witches? He,he.



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