The Honey Festival, Bowling and finishing my degree

This weekend mom, Seth and I headed to Lithopolis, Ohio to attend the honey festival for the first time. It was a fabulous little street festival. And there was so much delicious honey. I could have spent hundreds of dollars on honey. I somehow managed to hold off that urge, but it was really hard. I talked to a lot of really nice people though, found a goat farm named gallifrey farms (the owner was so excited when I got it), got a lot of compliments on my camera strap and ate some fantastic pizza at a place called JRs in downtown Lithopolis. I purchased a hand painted candle holder with bees/hives on it, several packets of heirloom seeds, Seth and I's initials carved from books, an herbal honey that can help with anxiety, cinnamon honey, lemon verbena honey and buckwheat honey.
Before we left my mom had a little visitor.

Beautiful tabletop beehive

Bees hard at work making the festival possible

Blacksmith plying her trade.

She is my hero, and she offers classes. Tempting!
So many different flavors of honey

Old wicker beehive

More varieties of honey and another wicker beehive.

Bees clustering on the side of the bee tent.

A carved pumpkin...first signs of fall. Yay!!

My haul!
This weekend I also started on a bowling league with my mom, sister and Aunt Gayle. We had so much fun. I generally suck at bowling, but I ended my last game with two strikes in the tenth frame. My mom found us vintage bowling shoes at thrift stores for us to use. They are so much fun.

Today I went to my school and submitted my petition to graduate so it seems that I will be graduating in December with my associates of the arts. Then to move on to get my bachelors, and then my masters. Onward and upward!!


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