What I did on my summer vacation...or why I haven't blogged in a while.

It has been an interesting couple of months in the White house.

The most immediate and recent change is that my husband and I both got new jobs, and we both found out last Friday. I will be moving back to Chase Bank, working in document processing. Seth will be an assistant head custodian at another middle school in his district. This is amazing news for us, and we are working to be ready for all the changes that come with it. After nearly 8 years with my current company it will be odd to leave, but it is going to be a good thing I know.

I am also training up to ride 25 miles in a bicycle event called Pelotonia. All funds raised will go to various charities to work on finding a cure for cancer. I was originally going to ride 50 miles, but I just got my bike this year, and with the rain I haven't been able to train as I had hoped, so I downgraded myself. I am excited to ride, and I know I will look hilarious beside these super serious bikers on my cruiser bike with the basket. I am going to decorate my bike up a bit too, because I do not take anything too serious. I will post pictures from the ride once I am done. If you are feeling generous and would like to sponsor me you can do that at www.pelotonia.org/alphabetsy.

I have been taking and watching a lot of belly dance, because that is what I do. :) I have also been socializing, and crafting, and having a good time. We went bowling last week, and to the zoo.

I bought a doumbek from one of my fellow dancers, and I am gradually learning how to play it. I got to take a basic drumming class at an event called tribal university that my ATS teacher arranged. Tribal U was a full day event that had Yoga, dance drills, drumming, makeup class, hair class, and then more dance drills. It was an amazing day and I am so glad I could be there.

I will post a giant photo purge soon. :)


Ila East said…
Sounds like a full and interesting life.

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