Written Word Wednesdays: Audio Books

I am a voracious reader, so at times when I am not able to have a physical book in my hands I love to listen to audio books. I listen while I work, drive, craft, etc.
Here are some of my favorites, and what I look for when selecting a book to listen to.
What to look for in an Audio Book?
1) Read by the author.
This is especially true for non-fiction books, though there have been several novels and short stories that being read by the author made the experience more enjoyable.
My favorite examples:
This book hilarious, and even more so when read to you by the queen herself. Imagine Liz Lemon reading you Tina Fey's comedy history. Yep it is that good.

Any of the Sweet Potato Queens books by Jill Conner Brown are worth the listening believe me. Learning the "promise" or what whomp biscuits are, or about the red-headed man who would not move. If you aren't a wannabe queen after these books well, bless your heart.
This audio book is one of the creepiest that I have ever listened too. Stephen reading it just added to the creep factor, in a good way. He did a really good job with voices and mood setting. Freaked me out hard core.
2) Look for award winners/ nominees
Did you know there are Grammy's for spoken word albums, and that includes audio books (BossyPants is one of those nominated).
My favorite examples:

Many of the Harry Potter books were Grammy nominees/ winners. The magical Jim Dale reads the books with so much heart that it kills you. Incidentally Mr. Dale also reads the audio book for The Night Circus, and it is worth picking up as well.  

Tim Curry...need I say more? I will anyway. The Lemony Snicket books are fun to read one way or another, but are super fun to have read to you.
3) Books read by famous Actors
So many amazing actors have been recorded reading audio books. Aside from Tim Curry as mentioned above you can find books read by a number of famous authors.
My favorite examples:
Lolita is a moderately creepy book at the best of times, but with the incomparable Jeremy Irons bringing life to Humbert Humbert makes lines about Tiddly cups just that much more disturbing.
Any Christopher Moore book is guaranteed to be hysterical and irreverent. When read by actor Fisher Stevens though it will make you laugh out loud, really. I can hear him in my head saying the line "giant spoon full of boob spooge" and it is almost more than I can take.
So...Go out there and find an audio book, and enjoy being read to as an adult.
I am getting ready to listen to one of my favorite people, Amanda Palmer read her fantastic book The Art of Asking.



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