Magical Monday - Beginnings

Magical Monday


Rune(s) of the Week:
Mannaz - Man; self, humankind, mortality, inner self, reflection, kinship. Embracing all the strengths and weaknesses that make you fully human will help you to realise your divinity. Balance the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual qualities within and use your energy to inspire you.
Peorth - Dice Cup; Vulva; chance, luck, enjoying the game, uncertainty. Initiation, Mystery, Secrets Revealed, Hidden Wisdom, Blessing, Unexpected Gain, Luck, Divine Intervention, Ancestral Memory, Beginnings, Birth, Talents, Roots Creativity.

Card(s) draw of the Week (from the Wild Wood Tarot):
Knight of Bows - Fox:
Reading Points: Determination leads you to success but sometimes at personal cost. Your life may change or enter a different path at any moment. Native wit and cleverness guide your steps toward fulfilment, as does your gift of anticipating the future.
Tracks and Pathways: Departing, Moving House, Emigration, Leaving old ways behind, Separation by distance, Changing direction
Queen of Vessels - Salmon:
Reading Points: Deeply caring and kind, the Queen's spirit draws upon the great honesty, generosity and self-sacrifice which she sees in you. She brings joy to the darkest places and addresses the most difficult problems with grace and civility.
Tracks and Pathways: Virtue, Simplicity and devotion, A caring individual, To cherish or pamper, Joyfulness and recovery, Security
This has been a weekend of beginnings: my friends Juliana and Ian got married, my husband and I attended the home opener, double header of the Columbus Clippers (our local double A baseball team), and school is starting this week. I feel like all these beginnings are a beautiful serendipity. There is an energy and a sense of creativity that comes with any beginning, and with the convergence it seems more apparent than normal. I am hoping to harness some of it and put it to work in my life.
I have a lot of fun coming up this week; gaming Tuesday, naughty bingo, painting figs with a good friend, and more in between.
Here is to a lot of good beginnings.


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