Magical Monday - Next steps

Magical Monday

Rune(s) of the Week:

Uruz - Auroch (Bison) - Strength and proving strength (manly), Creative force, Dross (forge) 
This rune signifies physical strength and speed, untamed potential. It represents a time of great energ and health. Its attributes include freedom, energy, action, courage, strength, tenacity, understanding, and wisdom. 

Ingwaz - Ing: Fertility, Freyr, Ancestors, Royalty, Creativity -
You are feeling inspired and hopeful. Follow your enthusiasm because it lights the way toward your true potential. Your point of power is in the present, make a commitment to it now and the future will follow in due course.

Ten of Vessels - Happiness

Meaning: Generous fulfillment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. Reward for patience and love given selflessly. True emotional stability and freedom.

Magical Mondays Post: Next Steps

School has been a little overwhelming lately, but I am enjoying the chaos.

More later.




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