Magical Monday -

Magical Monday

3 Card Spread -  Head, Heart, Spirit 

Head: Ten of Wands - Feeling overwhelmed. Being under a lot of stress, but being able to handle it.

Heart: XX Judgement - Taking responsibility for one's own action. A new beginning. Coming to a realization. 

Spirit: II The High Priestess - Knowledge. A woman wise beyond her years. A person who is scholarly. 

 Totem for the Week:
from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson 
Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

29 Badger: If Badger has pushed its way into your cards today, it may be telling you that you have been too meek in trying to reach some goal. Badger asks you how long you are willing to sit and wait for the world to deliver your silver spoon. 
In this medicine, the key is to become aggressive enough to do something about your present state of affairs. Badger is teaching you to get angry in a creative way and say "I won't take it anymore." You must follow up by keeping your eye on the goal. Honor the healing process as you express those inner feelings. 
Be aggressive, but don't cut others to ribbons on your way - that is too much aggression. Use your anger to stop your lolling around, so that your doldrums of apathy are a thing of the past. Badger is a powerful medicine when properly used for self-improvement. 
Remember that Badger may be signalling a time when you can use your healing abilities to push ahead in life. Heal yourself by aggressively removing the barriers that don't "grow corn." Cut away the dead wood and use Badger's aggression to seek new levels of expression. Use Badger's medicine roots to keep grounded and centered in the process. 

Sharing Shadows:

The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

21 The Fae Who Was Kissed by the Pixies - Oh wow! What can I say here? Love, sweet love. Accept it, burnish it up, add to it, and pass it on. 
The presence of the Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies suggests giving and receiving love and intimacy in any of a wide variety of relationships. She gives notice that this is a time to open and heal our hearts. Different aspects of life may well be flowing happily together, healing separations and hurts from the past. Bonding may take place and deep feeling emerge. Changes for the better may occur in all aspects of life, but especially in relationships, which may be deepening and becoming richer. You may be experiencing love therapy for opening the hearts as a new relationships begin and old ones develop. Enjoy! 

Advice from the Ancestors: 

10 The Wheel: The Wheel has turned; change is at hand. In all nature there is a time and tide. The cyclic laws of birth, death and rebirth are ever revolving and, without change, all things stagnate. How you deal with this change is the issue here. Within the tangled and tightly woven fabric of chance you have the power to make a difference. By your own actions you can change your life. You are not a prisoner of fate, but an integral part of it. Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal! Life is what happens to you while you are waiting for it to begin. Whether on the surface the change appears to be for better or for worse, welcome it, be at peace with it and take control of your actions within it. All things must pass. 

Thoughts: As we were looking today for a piece of jewelry that I had misplaced my husband located a card that had apparently been missing from my Deviant Moon deck. The Six of Cups apparently ran away at some point when I was doing my morning draws or my magical Monday posts. I never even saw it go, strange. The six of cups speaks of not lingering in the past. Nostalgia is fine, but trying to recreate the past is not. Something to think about. 



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