The Fun Starts Tomorrow...

I am seriously so excited about the shopping day with my family tomorrow. I have a couple of places I definitely want to go... Loot, Wholly Craft, Sew to Speak, Pearls of Wisdom, What the Rock!, Fly By Night and others in no particular order plus a couple of antique stores. We have to take it easy though since mom is having additional health issues... aside from being in treatment for breast cancer now she is also dealing with a blood clot in her leg. They are telling her to sit as much as possible, so I am not going to keep her out all day like last year. There is always next year for super shopping again. I'm just so excited to spend the day with my family.

On Tuesday Seth and I are headed to Cincinnati where we are going to spend a couple of nights in a hotel and go to the Newport Aquarium with Chris, Niki and Moira. I love the Newport, especially the jellyfish room and petting sharks. Oh and penguins... I will try to get some pictures!!

Then on Friday we are having dinner with my Dad and his wife Lesley. She is making Shepherd's pie. Mmmm


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