Sledding, Gaming, Crafting and the 30 by 30

I officially went sledding for the first time on Saturday. It was so flippin' fun. The hill we were at was somewhere between 150 and 200 feet in length with a 30 degree slope and was in the Battelle-Darby metropark here in Columbus. We got video of my first trip down the hill, but I still need to upload it, so for now here are pictures. As you can see I broke my sled on my third or fourth trip down the hill. Oops.

Also this weekend it was double XP weekend on City of Heroes, which is a MMO that my friends have managed to wrangle me into playing. They have all been playing for years and have a bunc characters of really high levels and I have been playing for about a year and just wanted to get one character to a pretty high level. Well officially my main character, Blazing Hussy, is now a level 40!! Another one off the list. That's two in a weekend, w00t. 

Then on Sunday I really buckled down on my crafting and got several sewn pieces completed. I will post photos once I have them, but I have to say that I made some beautiful pieces for these swaps. And I didn't use a single pattern, I'm pretty impressed with me right now, lol. 

Today I took a sick day because I am just not feeling good. I am guessing this is a sinus infection, possibly bordering on bronchitis. Ugh... If I am not feeling any better tomorrow morning I am headed to the doctor for antibiotics. 

But to wrap up here are the standings for 30 by 30: 

1) Go Sledding (we're researching hills, so it should happen soon)
2) Fly a Kite
3) Paintball/ Lazer Tag
4) See Cirque du Soliel (Feb 12)
5) Go to Burlesque Show
6) Go to Drag Show
7) Go to Columbus Museum of Art
8) Go to Gallery Hop
9) Get a Massage
10) Get craft room set up in attic. (Have started little by little)
11) Read/listen to 10 books I have never read (I am up to 9 read)
12) Set up a functional work out schedule
13) Learn to resin cast
14) Update scrapbooks to current (I have fallen behind this year)
15) Learn to solder.
16) Do a personal swap on Craftster
17) Post 10 items to Craftster Boards
18) Craft at least 12 items (Have crafted 9)
19) Buy risque undergarments
20) Hit 60 pounds lost
21) Get a daring hair cut
22) Try Indian food.
23) Have a really good photo taken
24) Go get a makeover in Sephora
25) Get a City of Heroes Character to 40 (currently level 35)
26) Plan a big birthday party (The date is set, just gotta work on the rest)
27) Dare to wear a pencil skirt.
28) Have eyebrows waxed
29) Go rollerskating at least once every 2 weeks
30) Craft at least 5 items for myself. 


Anonymous said…
You know a good time was had when things get busted : )
The Blue Faerie said…
I love your no-downward-momentum photo. :P Did you guys get any part of the blizzard system that just went through? I'm up in Wisconsin where we got 15 inches yesterday! Not the greatest for sledding, but wonderful for getting a day off of work. :)

P.S. I've got another bellydance lesson over at DwaSW if you want to check it out. Though, if you're learning bellydance then you're probably well versed in hip slides. See ya!
AlphaBetsy said…
We got mostly ice from the blizzard system which is kind of disappointing, and very treacherous. Thanks for letting me know about your bellydance lesson. I will check it out because a little refresher never hurts. :)

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