Weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 for 52 Weeks with Aradia

I am planning out a whole weeks worth of posts today, because it is my day off. Including a general update because it's been a while, a bunch of photos of recent purchases that are too awesome not to share, more from the Missouri trip and more catch up. By the end of the week I will hopefully be all caught up. lol. Then I am going to work on setting up some kind of actual blog schedule, we shall see how that goes. For now here are the latest 4 pages for the 52 weeks of Pagan Art Journaling.

Week 6: Goddess

Week 7: Water

Week 7: Water...cute fishy

Week 7: Water ...mermaid 

Week 7: Water

Week 8: Realizations

Week 9: Earth


Danni said…
Your pages look great! I've been slacking off and going off on tangents in my book, lol. :)
AlphaBetsy said…
lol...I am going to be adding personalized pages as I go to. This is going to be a functional piece. :)
Emi Brade said…
Great pages! I love the water page, it's so full of movement and life
AlphaBetsy said…
Thank you. Water is my major element, so I really felt drawn to that page. I wanted to do it justice I guess. I feel like I accomplished it pretty well. :)

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