The Road Trip...

So aside from the trauma at the end the trip to Joplin really was fun. On the way there we stopped at one of my favorite places call Driftstone Pueblo. It is off the St. Elmo exit in Illinois and it is this amazing shop that deals in Native American art, beads, feathers, leatherwear, and much more. Here are the photos of the beautiful metal sculptures and such in front of the store.

Seth and I getting ready to shop. 
While in Joplin we went to lunch at Golden Corral. In attendance was my aunt's Annie and Cathy, my mom, my sister Traci, my sister Krystie, her boyfriend Bo, my nephew Hunter, his girlfriend Infinity, Seth and me. We sat and caught up, since we hadn't seen Krystie and Hunter in over a year. Here are some photos from the get together.



Infinity, Bo and Seth

Traci, Hunter, Infinity and Krystie

Cathy and Annie

Me, Krystie, Mom and Traci.

Me, Krystie, Hunter, Infinity, Mom and Traci

Hunter and Krystie

The Men! Hunter, Seth and Bo

On the way home Seth and I stopped off in Springfield to go to one of the giant Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World shops. It was seriously huge and they had while ponds and streams built in it. If taxidermy makes you squeamy you may want to skip, but it really was an awesome place. 

Freaking Huge

Fake heads on a giant light.

Real heads on a giant post

The entrance hall. 

Roaring fireplace

This was in the women's bathroom...really. 


More turtles

Soft shelled turtle...he was strange looking

Alligator Gar

More big alligator Gar

Random decorations

Nuff Said

He's peeking into the knife shop

Really Big Grizzly

Indoor water wheel

Rainbow Trout.

The camping department...seriously.


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