Crafts, Vikings and Beltane!!

So much is going on right now. I know I always say that, but it remains true.

I sent out my labyrinth swap package. I painted my partner a set of stacking dolls, a box, a glass pendant and a t-shirt.

I have also been working on more pages for the 52 weeks of pagan art journaling with Aradia's Cauldron. Here are my next four pages: Love, I believe, Nature and A Letter to myself.

Onto my hectic life. We went to the Ashville Viking Festival this weekend. It was a blast as always. My camera batteries died really early on so I don't have as many photos as I would like. Here is a photo of Seth and I with a very beautiful Irish Wolfhound. 

I ended up buying a gorgeous bracelet, which I will try to get good pictures of in the light. A kitchen trivet with a pentacle (photos to follow in Beltane photos). A new pouch that has a flap shaped like a leaf, truly lovely. And a handmade pentacle chalice. Seth bought me a set of silver viking brooches for my new viking garb as well, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures when I wore it on Sunday. Hopefully I can get some soon. 

On Sunday we went back to Ashville for a few hours, then came back home where I began getting ready to celebrate Beltane. I decided that I really needed a larger altar in general. I love Walter, but at 18" by 18" it was a little small. It just happens that I had a coffee table that I wasn't using, so I brought it down and moved it into my altar space. I am already excited by the amount of space I have to work with now. :)

Seth and I bought a couple of bottles of mead from Viking Fest and we had those with dinner. Dinner was whiting  filets, asparagus, spring lettuce and herb salad and mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries). After dinner I had a private ritual and then we finished off the mead while watching the Wicker Man, it's set on Beltane, lol. Here are some photos of purchases, of our dinner and of my new bigger altar post Beltane ritual. 

This weekend we have the OSU Renaissance and Medieval Faire and it's Mother's Day. Pictures will come. :) 


Danni said…
You two look wonderful in your garb and the wolfhound sure makes for a cute add in! I just love the beasties so much. :)

Loving all your new goodies and your new altar space. It's amazing what having a larger space can do.
Wulf said…
Your new altar looks great. It's good to have room to move around (and move things around.) I'm awestruck at the pentacle trivet. Now that I know such a thing exists, my collection will never be complete until I have one!
Karla said…
You and Seth look great! I want the puppy. It would go well with my chihuahua don't you think. Love the chalice.
Anonymous said…
OMG, I'm overwhelmed by all the goodies and stuff going on in this post. So much eye candy! I love your pages, the altar (I think we might have similar wall colours!), and your outfit is lovely!

Must start thinking about my altar... it's so simple

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