Awesome Finds...

These are some of the really cool items that I have purchased in the last couple of months. This is just a catch up so you can see some of my great finds.

Another awesome silver tea set from Goodwill

A vintage scale from an awesome little shop in Clintonville. 

Vintage Buttons for my Wedding Bouquet!! 

More Vintage Buttons

Even more vintage buttons!! 

And yet more vintage buttons!! I really like buttons.

Beautiful tea cup and saucer from Anthropologie

Beautiful shelf from a vintage shop for $5. 

Old artist's tray and palette with old paints that I am going to use to decorate my craft room.

Some of the old bottles in the artist's tray.

More old bottles from artist's tray

pretty white tea cup that was $1

Vintage books to use for wedding crafts 

Cute silver tray from Goodwill.

Cute bead or other little item tins that were only $4

Native American Day of the Dead Mouse Pad

Stone chip necklaces and strands- Amber, Amethyst, Hematite and Turquoise.
Just sharing some of my most recent awesome finds. Happy hunting to you!!


Anonymous said…
I love the teacup/saucer and the shelf! You really did find some cool stuffs.
AlphaBetsy said…
I always feel lucky when I find really amazing pieces, and that shelf is so great. :)

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