Bagpipes, Nature and Muscle Cars

An odd combination of things no doubt but perfectly encompassing some of the activities of my last two weekends. I thought I would share some photos from some of the fun. The following were taken either at the Dublin Irish Festival, while hiking at Blackhand Gorge or on the streets of Heath Ohio during the Mopar nationals.

Pipe and Drum Corp

Many pipe and drum corps

Cheesing for the camera

They are playing Scotland the Brave

Look at the sea of people. 

The Tossers

Cute little fungi in the woods.


Mom (Karla)



Isn't he gorgeous?!

Can you see the black hand? 

Beautiful little fern.

Gorgeous Dodge Challenger

The challenger had it's original sticker... only 4,049 for so much  muscle. 

71' Cuda

Fantastic 60-something hippy camper. 

I have also joined another Blog Party. I will be joining Celia from Adventures of the Striped Stockings for her Gyspy Dreams blog party which is also in September. I love having so many pretty things to plan for. With the blog parties and beginning to craft and plan for Halloween, keep watching for WIP and fun ideas. 



Anonymous said…
I love old cars! When I was in high school I had a boyfriend that was into them. He had a 1953 Mustand that was a manual shift with the shift on the actual dash/wheel.

AlphaBetsy said…
Yeah... those cars were totally drool worthy. If I had been wearing a bikini and was built like a pin up I may have been unable to resist laying on them provocatively. :)
The Blue Faerie said…
Cool cars! I like the green one.

AB, I have to say that I love your music selection. Right now I'm using it as web surfing background music. :)
Hi Betsy!! How are you doing?? Is everything fine after the quake? I hope so!

thanks for stopping at my blog. Your comment is a breeze! Specially due to the fact that I am a chicken haha I have hopes to find a regular gorgeous house!

I can't wait to see your dress and wedding! Congrats! When is the big day?!
AlphaBetsy said…
Karla, I didn't even notice the quake. I feel pretty lucky in that. :)

The wedding is set for October 6, 2012, so a little over a year away. Expect to be seeing more about the wedding on my blog in the coming months. You know as panic sets in.

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