Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

In order to keep my blog from falling into complete and utter wedding chaos as we are approaching the one year out mark and I am beginning to panic already I am going to start having Tying-the-knot Tuesdays where I can ramble and panic about my upcoming nuptials.
I am planning to handcraft so much of the decorations, handouts and finery. I need to get started soon like.
I'm not planning to do this alone though. I will have help from my family and truly anyone who will volunteer to help. I have every intention of holding craft nights, where I have people over, order pizza and we all watch movies and work on wedding crafts. Actually sounds like a lot of fun.
Right now my lovely fiance and I are in the process of deciding a location for the event. I had wanted to have the ceremony outside, but I also would like to have the wedding and reception in and around the same venue. I am not sure if I can make all these things happen at once, but I am remaining hopeful and weighing all options. This is an important step though, because venue determines number of guests, possible decoration limitations, etc. I am hoping to have a decision made and reservation in by October 6, so a year before the event.
Here are some inspirations, ideas, definite pieces and beautiful thoughts for the wedding. Some I have shared in the past, but I am repeating because I love them and for the sake of new followers.

A collage I made of wedding inspiration

Silver Box that will be our ring "pillow"

I will be doing the skirt on the left but with the top edge from the right. 

A button bouquet, not identical to this, but this is the inspiration. 

Paper chains made from old books

Branches with fariy lights. :)

Fall Wedding = lots of pumpkins

Lot's of old bottles

Old Suitcases. 

This gives you an idea of what I am planning. Be on the look out for regular Tying-the-knot Tuesday happenings. :)


QuirkieCraft said…
This is a great idea and I love seeing your inspirations!

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