So much fun... so little time.

We are headed to Newark (the one in Ohio not the one in NJ), my hometown, tomorrow to spend the day with my mom, go hiking, check out the Mopar cars in town for National Trails this weekend and have a bonfire night. Then on Sunday it is off to the zoo with Seth's family for another day of fun. Busy weekend, but hopefully incredibly good too.

Then to add to the list of amazing things I have going on right now, next Saturday I am headed to Cincinnati with my friend Jeff to see... Stevie Nicks. I can not explain to you how excited I am about this. He is paying for my way as long as I can get him there. I love her so much and I know this show will be amazing.

Speaking of Stevie, if you check out my side bar you will see that I am joining the Practical Magic blog party hosted by Frosted Petunias. I love the movie, and the book, and the soundtrack, so I am going to work up something amazing for that. If you would like to come play click the link and join up. 



The Blue Faerie said…
You know, this might be one of those things where your jaw drops open and all you can do is make little gasping noises, but I don't think I've ever heard a Stevie Nicks song. She's one of those singers I've always heard referenced in other songs or in comedy, but really don't know anything about. At any rate, here's hoping the concert is amazing! :)
I am so jealous!!!! I have loved her since I was thirteen. Hope the show is fabulous. :)

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