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 A couple of days ago I received the beautiful stationery I won from Faye at Aradia's Cauldron. I was so excited and have finally gotten pictures of the amazing papers she sent me.

A super whimsical robot and faery

Earlier in the year I was working on my Viking Garb for the Ashville Viking Festival and my sewing machine died. Very literally. It got slower and slower and slower until it just stopped working altogether. So since April I have been without this most vital of tools. Not a good thing. Well a few weeks ago Joann's had a sale going and I just could not resist. This is my new toy.

I was pulling out some of the supplies I bought last year or the year before for Halloween that I would like to complete this year. There are skulls to paint, and bats, and little figurines, and witches hats. Here's some of the raw material to be finished before my Halloween party.
A stack of skulls

Wooden bats on a stack of school junk. :) 

I also want to show off a bit because I made myself a necklace this week and I think it is fantastic, so I will share it with my friends here. The beads are dyed howlite and the pendant is an acrylic painting I did on a 2"x2" canvas. I kind of love it.
Modeled by the lovely Ursula... my headless mannequin.

Focusing on the beading.
Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. And on Saturday we are taking her to the zoo. (I love my zoo membership.) After the zoo we are going to play it by ear for the rest of the day, but I am excited to spend the day with my family. My mother is so absolutely amazing. I feel so completely blessed to have a mother who is more than that she is also my rock, my confidant, my support team, my sounding board, and my best friend. Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you. 

Blessings All. 


Anonymous said…
Yay, I'm glad they made it safely!

Enjoy your new toy... yay for fun new sewing machines.

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