Life goes on and on...

My classes are keeping me buzzing, and my blog is taking the biggest hit for that. So if you were wondering that's where I have been. Writing essays like a fiend, 4 in the last 4 weeks.

I also have done some fun things, or set up fun things to happen.

I got tickets to see Beats Antique as they make their way to Columbus on tour. My bellydance comrades and I are going to rock that house.

I also bought tickets to see Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra in November in Chicago.It will kind of be our honeymoon.

This weekend upcoming (the 21st) Mom, Shmoo, Janet, Sherb and I are doing The Color Run here in Columbus. The concept is that every K of the 5 K they pelt you with pigment. So you wear white and become super colorful as you go. I am really excited and will hopefully have some great photos. 

This weekend past was the celebration of my baby sister turning 21, which was way more traumatic than turning 30. We went to Dave and Buster's and drank and played. Then on Sunday, Mom and I paid for Shmoo to get her latest tattoo, which is actually a tribute piece to my mother and I. We were both born in the year of the rooster in Chinese Astrology, so Shmoo got skeletal roosters on either side of her lower back, meeting in the middle of her back. 

That's my life as it is right now, busy, busy, busy. I am going to try to get more updates on here than I have, but it may be spotty until Mid August. I have a lot to share though,so more is coming. 


Toriz said…
Good to know you're OK and just away because of being busy!
The Blue Faerie said…
Beats Antique came to Madison last summer and it was absolutely the best concert I've ever been to. There were tons of bellydancers in the audience too, so the place was LOUD. :) It's going to be a blast!

I took a look at the Color Run link and I'm so looking forward to it coming up here. I can't wait to see photos from your run!

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