Tying-the-Knot Tuesdays

Saturday Seth and I, accompanied by Mark and Sarah (Seth's parents) and my mom and sister, went back to Buckeye Winery in Newark to bottle the wine we made for the wedding. We had a seriously good time. The bottling process was fun, but I kept being afraid I would over fill. Their auto corker was broken, so we used a manual corker that was honestly so fun that I was not sad about the broken equipment. The labels we chose turned out beautiful, and we got to label them all. We ended up with 30 bottles of each flavor of wine, so 60 bottles total. That was more than we expected, and will work out perfectly for us. 

My mom came over the other day with the mock up of my jacket for over my dress, and it is amazing, so I cannot wait to see the real thing. Here is the mock up over my dress. 

Of course the actual jacket will be made of this fabric. 

I am going to be mailing out the invitations this week, and then we are really rolling. 75 days to go. 


Dee said…
Wow! Betsy! It looks like y'all will have a wonderfully beautiful wedding!
Toriz said…
WOW! It's all coming together and getting close now!
Jerra said…

Wow! to literally everything! I love that you made your own wine and bottled it, so very special and cool. The jacket is amazing, I cant wait to see the whole thing together! :)

Jerra x

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