Foto Fridays - Awakening the Force

The first full week of January was fun and full for me and mine. We saw movies and went bowling again. I started an online belly dance intensive and ATS Level 1 & 2 again. Christmas is now officially over and put away in the White house. I bought supplies to begin creating my first Tribal belly dance bra. I also signed up for my second 5k for 2016. I have my goals for the year in my journal. All in all it has been an amazing start to the year.
On Saturday we saw the 9:55 am showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Imax 3D. It was amazing!

Imax 3D glasses are not flattering.
I bought new bowling shoes!! Love them so much. And they match my ball.
My nightgown has kitties on it. How cute is that?
D & D night with my gaming group.
My favorite hip belt has witches and bats on it. It was made for me by my mother.

Reusing wedding decorations to replace holiday decorations.
What I am reading currently, plus my new journal that I am breaking in tonight. It says "Life is about creating yourself".


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