Magical Monday - Getting ready for fall!!

Magical Monday

Rune(s) of the Week:

Nauthiz: Need: Sometimes the biggest blessing is not getting what you think you want. Try to keep  a sense of perspective. The spirit can see the bigger picture that is unfolding before you and will deliver exactly what you need at the right time. 

Wunjo: Joy: Appreciate the love and laughter in your life and make time to value the ordinary things that make you happy. Live fully in the present and celebrate being alive! 

Tarot Card(s) of the week:

3 Card Spread - Head, Heart Spirit 

Head: Nine of Stones - Tradition: Whenever we reach back into antiquity with sincere reverence and respect, seeking insight and wisdom, we commune directly with both the esoteric and practical memory of the human species. The myths, rituals and traditions of past tribes remain imprinted on the human psyche. Whether you believe this to be the effect of morphic resonance or the spiritual echo of past lives dedicated to the reverence of the otherworld, the mystical traditions have a real purpose and meaning that you can draw upon, even in our frantic modern world. Through the study of ancient mystical traditions, we see how closely linked we are with the past, and how little we have changed as a species. We are still driven by the primal neds and fears that faced the first humans. We still look at the night sky with wonder and awe. We still look at the ocean and feel the pull of the unknown. Ro reach back and invite past traditions to enlighten and enrich your life is to draw on ancient strengths that are freely available to those seeking wisdom, sustenance and consolation. 

Heart: Ace of Stones - The foundation of life: The concept of the material world as a solid, unchanging thing has evolved with our understanding of the cosmos. Human beings seems unique in their ability to interact with the material world and yet have a foot in the otherworld of the mind, imagination and creative will. To be connected to the Earth and the power that resides there allows us to draw from this primal source and direct the power of our minds to create changes in our world. The concept that the realms of matter and the realms of the mind are totally separate and detached is now outmoded and verifiably untrue. The primal rock is decorated with ancient cup-and-ring markings to express the emergence of creation and the cycles of energies within the universal consciousness and the still and stable point from which to plan and empower your life, fulfilling your material dreams. 

Spirit: Five of Vessels - Ecstasy: Many avenues are open to the Wanderer to commune intimately and ecstatically with great beauty or to be intoxicated by an intensely personal connection with the divine. Music, meditation, art, love, dancing or a profound sexual experience can inspire and induce the sacred trance of enlightening ecstacy. This powerful and euphoric awareness is utterly natural and a well-established aspect of Shamanic traditions. States of ecstatic trance can sometimes be triggered by extreme physical exertion or the quiescence of the superficial consciousness, so as to gain access to a deeper and more profound comprehension. of everything. Sadly, the concept of spiritual ecstasy has been damaged by the common use of drugs that imitate (for a short time) the endorphin rush of an authentic and natural ecstasy. The ecstatic trance has been described as a delightful possession or a mysterious union with a timeless exuberance. The fusing of the spiritual being with a profound and loving universal mind elevates the soul to the spaces, where poetry breathes through you and exultation and stillness effortlessly coexist.


This week was interesting for me. As stressful as work was; my home life and personal life was relaxing and beautiful. I am going to create a post for Wednesday of this week to talk about what I did this weekend, and what I am looking forward to that is coming up. I am going through a time of re-dedication to the craft. I am going to begin some Shadow working going into the fall, and I am participating in the Autumn Equinox session of the Psycho Spiritual Wheel of the Year with Jo DeVoe. I am very excited, and encourage others to jump in as well. It looks like it is going to be an amazing group and an amazing experience. 



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