Magical Monday - Lammas Edition

Magical Monday

Rune(s) of the Week:

Raido: Wagon or Chariot: Represents travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. The rune predicts a journey, vacation, relocation, evolution, change of place or setting. It allows seeing a larger perspective. Seeing the right move for you to make a deciding upon it. It symbolizes personal rhythm, world rhythm and the dance of life. 

Laguz: Lake: This run represents the flow of water, sea, a fertility source, the healing power of renewal, life's energy and organic growth. It symbolizes imagination and psychic matters, dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld. It predicts success in travel or acquisition, but with the possibility of loss. 

Tarot Card(s) of the week:

Ten of Arrows: Instruction - 

Meaning: A parent passes on skills, wisdom and ancestral ways with love and tolerance. Instruction and communication are required between the generations to help use old skills in new ways. 

King of Bows: Adder - 

Meaning: At this time of year, the Adder represents serpentine Earth energies rising from the ground into the ait and intertwining, as male adders struggle for dominance. (Sometimes this is mistaken for a mating ritual) They also represent magical power, balance and the healing arts. 

Reading Points: Maturity, strength or resolve, energy and wisdom. The genius and individuality of the seeker is enhanced and rewarded at very turn. Your leadership is unchallenged, your path direct, your goals realized. 


Today is Lammas. I am thinking today about things that I can list as completed in my year, and things that I feel are ready for "harvest". I have come a long way in the last year. I can feel myself opening up more, and taking more control of my life. I have brought some strong and amazing people into my life, and also become closer to some who had been in my life tangentially. Now I am looking for a change of career that uses my education. Possibly writing or editing locally. I need to brush up my resume and get to applying. Here is a song for Lammas. 




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