I'm having a day...

I think I'm pms-ing or something, I'm just super emotional today. I keep getting angry, then sad, then I'm fine... It's the full moon so I know that's a little of it. I'm just so flippin sensitive. I should go to bed and pretend I don't exist the rest of the day.

I heard from my swap partner today and feel like crap for being so stressy about not hearing from her, apparently her Grandpa died last week, which is why she was not in touch. Man do I feel crappy for complaining now. Not that I could have had any way of knowing, but...

In other news it's only 2 weeks until my birthday. I am so looking so forward to my shopping day with mom and Shmoo. We did this last year and it was so much fun. We just ran around on high street all day, going from shop to shop, mostly window shopping. We started with breakfast at Jack and Benny's and went from there. I'm so looking forward to the 13th.

I'm also looking forward to next Saturday, because Seth and I and a group of others are all going to the movie tavern to watch the new Alice by Tim Burton.
It looks so amazing... and I'm hoping it will inspire me even more for my Alice swap.
I also have time off coming up, the whole week after my birthday. We are going to go down to Cincinnati for a few days to go to the Newport Aquarium. We are also going to get together with my dad and Lesley for dinner at some point, she is going to make Shepherds pie, nomnomnom. Lots of stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. A lot to look forward to.


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