Happiness is a bouncy castle!!

It was a mildly hectic weekend.
We went to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter Kynadey who is three. They had rented a giant bouncy castle for the event and on the request of Kynadey I got into with the kids and wow it was fun. I had forgotten I guess. I brought the Bunnies I made for my family and everyone loved them, in fact at first they thought they were bought and were a little shocked that I had made them. That makes me pretty proud actually. I got Kynadey craft supplies for her birthday and she loved it all... yep that's me encouraging a new generation of crafters!!
We also went to my mom's for a bit to see Shmoo's new car and for them to give Seth his birthday presents. Shmoo's car is nice, especially since they bought it for $500 from one of her coworkers. I need to get/make her a carwarming gift.
After that I came home to do my last minute dash to the finish on the Roller Derby swap. I really love the pieces I made though. I made her a two necklaces, one from shrinky dinks and one from alphabet beads. I also made a shrinky dink charm bracelet from the skates with wings, which turned out even better than I hoped. Finally I made a tank top with a Derby message on it, you can't really tell in the picture but the lettering is red. Here are the pics.
In the middle of my working we got a call from Seth's Grandma and she came up to drop off a couch that Seth's Aunt and Uncle gave us. It looks so great in the living room. I will have to take a picture of it when it is daylight and I can get a good one, cause it is gorgeous.
I need to work on my next swap now, WWP Beltane. I have a lot of ideas. I also need to make the card for the swap as well. I don't have as many ideas for that, but I will come up with something.
I am also having a jewelry party on Friday, so I need to pick up and get things ready for that. I seriously had this party to help Seth's mom and to get this necklace I liked for less than it's $98 price tag (cause there is no way I can pay that much, yikes.) I am just hoping people will come. I know I will have my mom and Niki, if all else fails we will order pizza and watch movies. lol.


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