Boobie Cakes and Vikings...

To celebrate the end of my mom's chemotherapy, the ladies in my family had a party on Friday night. It was Mom, Shmoo, AnnieBob (my aunt), Cathy (my other aunt), Lynsi (my cousin) and Kynadey (Lynsi's daughter). Oh... and me!! Cathy and Lynsi ordered mom an awesome cake.

What you can't really read says Congraulations Karla Jo, and it has pink breast cancer awareness ribbons all over it. It made everyone laugh. Aside from the cake we ordered pizza and chatted a lot. I'm so glad that mom is close to the end of all of this, just the radiation therapy left and then hopefully that's it forever. She has been so amazing and positive through this, if she hadn't been my hero before she would be now.

On Saturday Seth and I went to the Ashville Viking Festival. Seth wore the new garb I made him and it looked amazing, but we forgot the camera so we don't have any pictures. I think we are going to go to the OSU Renaissance and Medieval Faire this weekend so maybe I can get photos then. Anyway, the festival was awesome. We watched the Oden's Orchids bellydance troupe, and they were amazing as always, Bob Ford and The Ragamuffins also amazing and the Daring Douglases who were a pretty good side show style act. We bought chainmail jewelry for me and a kit for Seth, who is loving making mail. We also bought me some stripey socks, handmade soap and a new pair of zills. It was just generally a good day. And when we had left for the day we stopped at Papa Joes in Ashville and had amazing pizza and bought a couple of bottles of mead, one that was apple pie and one that was lavender chamomile. The apple pie tastes like mulled cider...mmmm.

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue to take bellydance from Chandara who I have been taking from, or if I want to switch to Laylia, the leader of the Oden's Orchids. I love Chandara and she is amazing, but Laylia's classes are closer to home for me. I just don't know. I guess I should start by calling Laylia and seeing what classes she would recommend I step into and come observe and drop in a class, then make a decision. I need to get back into class though. I love bellydance.


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