Just had a nice weekend.

It's almost over, but it was a nice one.
Friday night I had my Lia Sophia party. Besides Heather the consultant, my mom, Seth's mom Sarah, Niki, Moira, Aunt Gayle and Wendi were in attendance. It was just a nice night. I certainly didn't set any records for sales, but I wasn't trying to. I just wanted to have a nice night with the ladies and that was definitely accomplished. We ordered pizza and laughed a lot. Just a really great time.
Then yesterday I needed to get some sewing done, so we ran quickly to Joann's to get some fabric I wanted. Then we came home and I made Seth's Viking Tunic, which turned out better than I even thought and I got his pants mostly done, but I still need to hem them and put in the drawstring, but that should only take a couple of minutes. The tunic was pretty involved, and I was trying really hard not to cut corners like I tend to. I was glad I didn't because it looks so nice. We are going to the Ashville Viking Festival this weekend so I will try to get action shots.

In fact my sewing is due mostly to that fact. The Viking Festival is a small local festival almost like a Renaissance Festival. We went last year and had a really nice time. I go garbed but I dress in wench wear, as is only fitting. I'm hoping that through the Viking Festival I can raise some money for The Wench Team my Relay for Life team. I need to get my own pieces together for that. I got fabric to make a new chemise and at least one skirt.
Myself and Seth at Viking Fest 09.

Back to the weekend, today I went and got the last supplies I needed to make the items for my partner, lydiaharper in the WWP Beltane Swap. I know exactly what I am going to make and I am going to get started tomorrow putting it together. I also need to get my card done and in the mail to Wulf in Canada. I love the WWP swaps.
Tonight we gamed for a bit and hung out with Chris, Niki and Moira. That was fun as always!
We are having ladies night on Friday for mom as celebration for the end of chemo. She has been handling this while thing so well. I am honestly proud of her amazing attitude. She has a couple of weeks of radiation upcoming and then hopefully this whole ordeal will be over. It's hard to believe that it has been 8 months since she found the lump in her breast and all this craziness started. I'm happy to celebrate the end of some of it though.


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