It's a religious holiday for some...

just a day for me really, but it's a day when a relative will feed us ham, so I'm okay with that. Happy zombie Jesus day to those who celebrate though.

We went with a group of friends to see Clash of the Titans yesterday. It was pretty damn disappointing. The 3D was it was retrofit, and in fact was pretty distracting. Now that I know I would suggest to everyone to watch it in 2D because there were funny parts and the plot was not god awful...basically the 3D was disappointing.

Afterwards though we had a few friends over and had a great time just hanging out. I miss seeing them on a regular basis for gaming (we are dorks). Hopefully we can see more of them going forward.

Oh, I wore my new "Alice" Headband yesterday and here is an action shot.


Zombie Queen said…
My mother is Catholic and when I proclaimed at was Zombie Jesus Day she didn't know whether to laugh or cry... ;) lol

That is really too bad about Clash of the Titans :(

Love the headband!

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