Fire, Light Sabers and me...

We went to WaterFire last Friday night and I have finally uploaded the photos. It was a really cool experience and I think we will be going back the next time they do it. Here is some pics of the bonfires and the fire dancers!!  I think Seth has decided he needs to learn to dance with fire and I'm not far behind him.

On Saturday was Seth's brother and my friend Chris' 30th Birthday. The theme was Star Wars and his wife Niki made this awesome cupcake "cake". The Darkside Sith light saber was chocolate cake and the Jedi light saber was white 


And one final bit of silliness... my little sister riding a lion with swords.

Yep...that about sums it up. 

School is still a work in progress... Right now my biggest road block is funding, but I am determined to work my way around it. I did get my classes scheduled. :)  I'm getting excited.  


K.Michele said…
Light saber cake! How fun is that!! The pictures of the fire dancer is very cool. Glad you had an awesome weekend. Hope this weekend is just as great.

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