Ren Faire Wrap Up

MIRF was amazing. I managed to get almost no pictures myself. Way to go me. But I have "borrowed" some from Jean and Pete, some of our Ohio faire friends. I officially need to get some better pics of myself in garb, which will be my challenge for this weekend, as we are going to Ohio Renaissance Festival on Monday, since it's a holiday weekend. But for now here are some photos of wenchy goodness!!

IWG Local #57 - The Wenches of all Flavors

Seth mid wenching

Getting cheered for kissing my man!!

Seth after being wenched

Mags tagged under the 

Me wenching a lovely young sailor. 

We had such an amazing time. I promise more pictures from ORF this weekend. :) Plus zoo pics from Saturday. 


The Blue Faerie said…
That is awesome! I just went to the Minnesota ren fest for bellydance weekend & they've never had that tradition. Their wenches usually have crazy hair, fake missing teeth, and a propensity to kidnap prospective young bachelors. :) Have fun at the ORF!
I didn't realize I could use wench as a verb! what fun!

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