Zombies, Rock 'n' Roll, Birthdays and Renaissance Faires...

While I'm at work I listen to books on cd to keep myself awake and keep  my mind going. This week I was listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I did not have great hope for this book but I have to say that the writer who took this classic and added ultra violence did such a great job of combining the two in such a way that was actually very entertaining. In this new novel Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters are a team of katana weilding zombie killers. Truly the novel is tongue in cheek and actually quite charming considering the crazy amount of undead. I have half decided to go as Elizabeth Bennett, zombie slayer for Halloween.

Friday, while I was listening to my book, I got a text message from Seth saying we had been invited by his mother to go to Shadowbox Cabaret for dinner and to see The Best of Shadowbox, the currently running show. I had never been so I jumped at the chance. It was sooo fun. They had some amazing singers and several truly hysterical skits. It makes me want to go play with them. :) tempting. The waiters are the actors and our waiter was adorable and a really good dancer. There was a girl on the cast who looked scarily like Chef Anne from Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

In our family August is Birthday month. My Mother, her two sisters, my uncle Charlie and Seth's mother all have birthdays in this month. Next weekend is all about Seth's mom. There is a surprise party as well as all of us going to Huntington Park to a Clippers game on Sunday. I haven't figured out when I can get together with my mom. I will find a time. 

The 28th and 29th we are headed to Michigan to attend the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We are doing a Wench invasion with our friends Jean and Pete (who is a Rogue himself) and Sarah. Jean and Sarah were the first wenches I met after getting my pin. They are amazing and so much fun. We have a hotel room and will be making a weekend of it. There will be pictures. But for now enjoy a photo of Jean, Sarah and I after our first meeting.  Aren't we super cute.


Lyn said…
The renaissance fair looks like it was so much fun - would love to have the opportunity to dress up as a wench lol!
D.Suplicki said…
Ah, it's Ren Faire season back home and my heart longs to be there. There are no faires in SC, but apparently NC has a large one in October so DH and I are planning on going for our anniversary. We're a couple of nerds, for sure. ;)

Sounds like you're having a wonderful (and busy!) month.
I love the Ren Faire! I try to go every year- even though they are always planned mid heat wave. I can't seem to get a decent accent or proper talk down- yet. Maybe I'll get better at British English and that'll help.

As for you going back to theater- if you love it and can do it, what's stopping you? go! now! I started painting again- it makes me happy for the time I'm in it and thats a good thing :)
as for Pride Predjudice and Zombies- I am mad! The book was labeled as free on my nook, but it was really just the first chapter, which is fabulous- now I have to go and buy it!
I love the short blond haircut on the Kitchen lady- I used to go that short, but it didnt look good on me unless I was super thin. I'm not.
and your pic is really darling- three wenches and dressed up :) have fun at the faire.
Knickertwist said…
You are super cute and I am absolutely jealous of your wenchiness!
Kathy said…
Wench invasion?! hahahahaha!! Love it. I absolutely adore the Ren faire. I haven't been able to go the last few years. Such fun. Have a blast. I know you will. - Kathy

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