Things are changing again. With Seth and I getting engaged and the knowledge that a wedding is something we will be paying for I have made the decision that full time school is just not an option. So I'm going to keep working full time and go to school part time. For the time being I will keep working at Huntington, but I will probably keep looking for another full time job. I just don't want to have to wait 5 years to actually get married and honestly I want a wedding... even if it is just a small one, because I look at it as a really big craft project.

School starts on the 22. I will be taking English and Math...yay prerequisite courses.

Speaking of craft projects, I am brainstorming as to what I want my theme to be for ATCs I am trading with K of Banterings of a Basketcase. I'm thinking something fall/ Halloween as I have that on the brain currently, but I will just have to see what comes out. Ooh... just had a thought. :)

I need to get back to working on my altered journal too. I was doing really good, but I have started slacking really bad. I also got some supplies to try resin casting too. I'm just nervous to start. I need to finish getting my craft room together, so I have a good place to work on everything. Maybe I can get it finished up this week. I have to clean anyway since we will be having company on Saturday.


AndrĂ©ann said…
good luck on everything!
If anyone else wants to trade with us- I can make more- LOL-

Lemme warn you- wedding blogs are dangerous. Very dangerous. I found a few I liked by googling wedding under $5000 or something like that. or weddings on a budget- but that poses a problem as some people thing 15,000 is a budget.

I've always been for backyard potluck weddings. I have an imaginary wedding I've planned in my head for someday- with Costco steaks for the BBQ and potluck side dishes. Costco cupcakes for the cake- on a cupcake tower- and a cute 1950s wedding dress from etsy. Or another dress I liked from china when I googled wedding dresses for under $150.
My biggest splurges would be beer and a photobooth that prints two sets of pictures (one for guests to take home eliminating urge to give them a little box of almond candies).

ah- I could go on forever because I am a sucker for weddings and planning. I can see yours renstyle....

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