Countdown to Halloween.

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would countdown my top 10 Halloween movies. I am a movie fanatic and some of them are popular and high quality and some are not, but without further ado and in no particular order.


The Worst Witch - This was a tv movie from the UK that was released in 1986. It stars a young Fairuza Balk, Diana Rigg, Charlotte Rae and an amazing appearance by Tim Curry. It's really poorly made and very dated (in the musical number for Tim Curry it shows a beta max tape, seriously.) but absolutely fun.


Hocus Pocus - The year this movie came out I must have seen it 10 times in the theatre. It makes me laugh and has great musical numbers. You can't beat the cast: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. Disney done good. 


Something Wicked This Way Comes - This movie scared the pee out of me when I was younger. Another amazing cast and just generally a good film. 


Beetlejuice - Classic Tim Burton, nuff said. 


The Nightmare Before Christmas - Yeah...nuff said again.


The Company of Wolves - A dark fairy tale based on the stories of Angela Carter. One of my favorite horror/ thrillers. 


The Craft - I can't help it. I just love this movie. 


The Wicker Man - The original 1973 version. So great and spooky. Christopher Lee is magnificent. 


Sleepy Hollow - More Tim Burton. Haunting and awesome. 


Horror Hotel - An old Christopher Lee film. An interesting plot with plenty of suspense. If you have never watched it you should. 

There are many more I love and frequent, but these are my go to Halloween films. 

I will be posting more this weekend for the holiday. 


K.Michele said…
I remember watching The Worst Witch as a kid and have always loved that movie. I'm still on the hunt for it on dvd or something.
Lilly Briar said…
I love a lot of these movies too! I remember seeing Worst Witch when I was little and I loved it. I also loved Hocus Pocus, and still love Sleepy Hallow and Beetle Juice. You mentioned Angela Carter ... is she the author of The Passion of New Eve? I read that she wrote other fairy-tale related stories but I haven't read them. If that's the same author, I think I would like that movie too.


Lilly Briar - The Lonely Sock
Knickertwist said…
Love, love, love In the Company of Wolves. Angela Lansburry as the Granny? Come on! Awesomeness!

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